We want to be the best! This takes a bit of community support as well!

Registered users can support us in form of PD Points. Each PD point equals 1 successfully created K32 CHIA plot or K31 Chives plot

1 PD = 1 k32 Chia plot = 1 k31 Chives plot = 0.02$ = 0.000230 LTC

Chia plot size PD points per plot
k32 1
k33 2

Chives plot size PD points per plot
k29 0.25
k30 0.5
k31 1

Each registered user receives unique LTC address to which donation can be made. As soon as we detect new donation we will credit your account with PD points and you can start plotting with our app!

For 100 PD Points, one can deposit 0.0230 LTC (approx 2$ of value).

If you wish to send us donation in any other crypto, send us an email!

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